1. Protomartyr
    Detroit, Michigan
  2. Avey Tare
    Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Lal & Mike Waterson
    England, UK
  4. Peter Perrett
    England, UK
  5. Alex G
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. Austra
    Toronto, Ontario
  7. Middle Kids
    Sydney, Australia
  8. Motion Graphics
    New York, New York
  9. Porches
    New York, New York
  10. The Range
    New York, New York
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  12. Your Friend
    Winfield, Kansas


Domino Recording Co Brooklyn, New York

Domino, an independent label since 1993, is home to artists such as Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip and Dirty Projectors.

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